Release: April 28, 2015

Sketchcross is an "Nonogram" Logic picture puzzle game for the PS Vita.

PS Vita and PS Tv

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Excalibur XD

Release: January 2015

A, in real life, 2 player game. One player holds a manual that you must use to tell the other play how to restart the spaceship. The spaceship operator must restart the ship before the reserve oxygen is used up.

Global Game Jam 2015 Entry

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Project Breakdown (working title)

Release: Fall 2014


A Crazy 80s ripoff Metal 3 button fighting game

IndieCade 2014 Entry

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Haunted Escape: Wrath of Victora

Release: October 2013


A point and click adventure game where the player must escape a haunted house by solving puzzels.

Peak rankings: USA: 66th Canada: 3rd UK: 1st Japan: 3rd

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Writers Block

Release: January 2014


Game Made for the Global Game Jam 2014, a 48 hour game challenge.

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Dragoon Test

Release: N/A


Wanted to give myself a code test to recreate the battle mechanic in the ps1 game The Legend of Dragoon.

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Release: Fall 2012


A paintmixing game for the Microsoft Surface. The purpose is to help grade schoolers to better understand color theory.

Has been ported to the Microsoft PixelSense2.0.


Facebook: Page

Programming Concepts


Making Mars

Language: C# / XNA


A game that is designed to help in the rehabilitation of TBI(Tramtic Brain Injury) patients.

I work along side the programming and design team to implement gameplay/features and fix bugs.

for Kinetic Muscle INC, Tempe Az

A Brief Write Up on my part on the project

Brief Write up


Unity 3d/C#

Release: Fall 2012


Tellus is a simulation style game where the player builds eco technology across the world to raise the quality of life of the earth.

Part of the program team that is working on Tellus.

A Summery of my part on the project.


Unity 3d


Ocean Defender is a game created during a local 48hour game jam. The theme was colony

You are a underwater turrent trying to protect your colony from dangerous sea creatures. It is a survival game were you try and last as long as you can.

Mouse to aim, Left Mouse Button to fire, F1 For North Facing, F2 for south facing

The Unseen

Unity 3d



Is a game made for a Independent Game Developers Association Phoenix Game Jam ( a 48hr Game Challenge).

Game is a two player arena battle game that is over the internet. Users input a ip and the other connects. The game is simple, you fly around as a angel shooting magic and summoning minions. Minions are spawned on the map and boost your magic power, spreading doubt will temporally stun the enemies minions so that they do not buff your opponent. You can also go invisible that will make your opponent lose his lock on.

We had 5 people on the team and I Contributed to the project by making: Main menu system. Spelling Firing system, Minions spawn system.



PSVita Testing

Language: C#


With the new SDK out I did some testing with it. Sample is just a app that displays a picture but I plan on porting a project on the Vita.

Simple Arena Battler

Language: Python

Lines: 300



This is a simple text game where you can buy items and fight a enemy.

Metro2033 Launcher

Language: C#

Lines: 467



This is an application that modifies the config file of the game. This will allow users to edit options to advance for the ingame settings.

Unbiased,Breath First, Biased Search

Language: C#



Three searches that will go threw a map of nodes and find the a path (or best path) to the node you want to get to. Writes to console so use the Visual Studio Projects instead of the .exes .

C++ DataStructure Code

Language: C++



No game, but different types of datastructures I made for class.


Language: C# / XNA

Lines: 1322



Final for my 3d course, not really a game but draws models and rotates model. Allows the player to move around a flat plane.

wasd controls

lshirft to speed up

r to reset



Plastic models

I do a lot of platic modeling. These items can be seen on my blog.

Indigo Render August Comp Entry - Modernism

Render Time: 12hs

Samples: 11k per pixle


This is an image I did for the August Comp at Indigo's website. Was made with 3d max and contains textures from Indigo's database. Click for full image.

Arbor Natantes

Render Time: 20hs

Size: 2105 x 4571

Samples: 1k per pixle

Faces: 2million

3d Image created in 3D Studio Max. Rendered with Indigo Renderer. Roots where made with Ivy Generator with leaves taken off. Planet Made in Mud Box. Clouds and touch up done with Photoshop. Arbor Natantes is Latin for Swimming Tree. Rendered for 20 hours with the final having 1009 samples per pixel. The scene contains a little less than 2million faces.
The idea of this piece was what if I took my hand and scooped up a ball of dirt form the ground and let it fly. I also love the natural look of nature so I covered the ball with it. Then I exported the ball into Mudbox so I could give it some detail. I made the ridges as I thought water would flow if the object was getting rained on.